Monday, September 6, 2010

Flowers and Veggies (Take Two!)

This summer has been so busy, and the growing season so short, that we don't have quite the amount of flowers and veggies we normally have.
There are some things that have been hardy enough to handle our neglect!
The jasmine smells wonderful just outside the kitchen widow.

I had totally given up on this little pot. It's pulling through, though!

I have no idea what the name of this tree is, I think I've seen it more often in bush form. Let me tell you, the humming birds LOVE it. They can be noisy little buggers when there are a lot of them around! They always make me smile when I hear them.

This huge hydrangea started out bright blue, but over the summer the blooms turned green. I love them both!

The rose bushes have been beautiful all summer long. Even once they fade a little from the sun they are a gorgeous color.

Then there is this tree...this tree graces our front yard and the whole neighborhood loves it. It smells sooooooo good! Just like jasmine, but I've been told it is something else. It also is usually just a small plant.

Seriously, it smells divine! I wish I could bottle it up.

We didn't know if our raspberries would make it after being transplanted from our last home. Some made it, some didn't, but we have had a nice little harvest regardless! Yum, raspberries!

One thing that we did manage to plant...and that survived the monsoon spring were the tomatoes. We have to harvest almost every night and there is still so much green fruit!!!

Pear tomatoes are my favorite!

Just a small sample of a harvest. Thankfully my boys love tomatoes, and they eat them like candy. I often find Little G walking around with a half eaten one in his hand. He always finishes it too.
Peppers also made it through the wet, wet sp

Last but not least, our apple tree is so full of fruit some of the branches are almost on the ground. I think the worms have already claimed most of them though. Next year we will be much more on top of things!


Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

I need to go look at my apple trees... do you spray or do anything special to them? I haven't sprayed before but last time I checked there seemed to be a lot of rust/scab (whatever:) on the fruit.

Stay dry:)

Andrea said...

We didn't spray this year. We were trying to find something organic, but didn't have any luck. Our apples have a little scab on them too. Not sure what that is all about though.
If we come up with something wonderful to keep the bugs off next year I'll be sure to post about it!

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Hi Andrea, I was just bouncing around in blogland after signing up for Selah @ George Fox and came upon Courageous Homekeeping. Anyhoo, just wanted to say I enjoyed it, nice work!